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$18 Per Day at Long-Term Parking

Save on parking until August 31, 2017 at Long-Term Valet Parking.

Rate: $18 per day*/$6 per 8-hour period**
*First 24 hours: $18
**Over 24 hours: Each 8-hour period, or part thereof

Long-Term Valet Parking is located closest to Terminal A (Marine Air Terminal) with access to Terminals A, B, C and D via the free airport shuttle bus, Routes Blue and Red. Customers should pull up to the lot, retrieve parking ticket after which an attendant will ask for return date, inspect and park the vehicle. View parking rates in all LaGuardia Airport lots and garage.

Driving Directions
Get to Long-Term Parking from Grand Central Parkway via Exit 5 and follow airport signage for Long-Term Parking.

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